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Travel a poetic journey with author
Tonya M. Adams as you travel According To Her Groove.             This 128 page book, is full of poems dealing with love,                       hardship, inspiration, and self exploration. 

She writes:
I believe strongly in the power of words... They can destroy, display and heal. In the game of life we cross many roads and without support we find ourselves helplessly standing at an intersection unable to cross. Thanks to a host of family and friends, I have been able to go from one side of the road to          the next with enough memories to make all who share my work, cry, laugh and think........
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  According To My Groove

Dorissa Adams  
Title: In Deep Thought can be purchased at 
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 In Deep Thought
by Dorissa M. Adams

In Deep Thought is a book of poems about how a woman used music to overcome her struggles with low self-esteem.  It also tells the story of a woman’s search for love, romance, intimacy, and other topics that need attention.

Adams calls to mind various vivid feelings of longing as she wonders, “Is a kiss just a kiss”, and expresses the breadth of her love in “Three Hundred and Sixty Five Days,” to evoke intense passion in “After Romantic Encounter.”

Amid these steamy pursuits, Adams’ musical inclinations stand out, musing on the often-clasped hands of “Romance & Music”, the pleasures of “Sweet Melodies”, and contemplating on the gloom that permeates a “Life without Music”. 

Imaginative and inspired by her many passionate life quests, Dorissa Adams’ lyrical collection beckons you to sit back and let the pages speak to you and leave you . . . “In deep thought.” 

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