.Aroma bags are very popular as car freshners 
     and usually hung on the rearview mirror 
     but they can also be placed in the closet, 
     in a purse or in your dresser drawer you name
     it. Some of our customers sit the bags in the
     restroom, under the seats in their car.... the
     possiblity is endless.  If a space needs
     freshening cure it with a aroma bag.
Candles We are proud to say that All of our Candles are made with Natural Wax Blends and High Quality Essential  and Fragrance Oils. Our Candles burn a scent that you will want to smell more of. Since the candles are natural as a bonus after your done burning your candle wash your jar with soap and water and reuse your jar for whatever you like.  
                 ALL YOU CAN REALLY SAY IS umm umm umm that smells GOOD!
 All of our products are designed for your pleasure,  So get onboard the Jacada Train...
 We look forward to you coming back for more!.
                                               by JacAdams Unlimited
Body Scrubs aare made to exfoliate
   your skin,  which means to remove 
   dead skin while moisturizing and leaving 
   your existing skin, soft , smooth and radiant. 
   Our Scrubs are made with all Natural Ingredients
   to include the finest extracts available.  
.Lotion   Our lotion is made with the purest butters to be found and leaves your skin  moist and refreshed. Our special blend provides a skin nourishing non greasy product that is noncomedogenic meaning it wont clog your pores.

Soap All of our soaps are made with  Natural Shea, Coco, and Almond Butters and 100% Natural oils. They are carefully mixed with  love flowing through our hands and as the End result you recieve a bar of soap that Cleans, Softens, and Smells Good!
NoPoo Hides the smell of number 2 and that is why we call it........ NoPoo Just spray the toilet water with 3-5 shots of this natural ingredient wonder
and handle your business in public without uncomfortable comments such as "oh it stinks in here"

Shake and Spray serves as a fabulous air freshner for a room, your car, your bedding or you can spray it anywhere else you desire. Some of the scents also double as a body mist spray.....
SMELLS GREAT and not a skin irritant.  
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